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Donate directly to the people of Israel

Dear Friends and Supporters,

The recent wave of violence unleashed by the Hamas terror organization upon the innocent civilians of Israel has left the country in a state of crisis. In the face of this calamity, it’s crucial that we unite and provide urgent assistance to the affected Israeli communities. Our organization, Jacob’s Refuge, is committed to extending a helping hand to the victims of this violent aggression. We have established an ongoing campaign to raise funds that will be channeled to various locations in Israel working tirelessly on the ground to meet the immediate medical and basic needs of the impacted individuals and families. 


Every single dollar of this fund will be sent to Israel to alleviate the suffering and provide crucial support in this time of dire need. Your donation, no matter how small, will make a difference in the lives of the affected. Together, we can provide a beacon of hope and significantly contribute to the healing and recovery process. Just click the button below to make your charitable contribution. You can also share our campaign with your friends, family, and network on social media to help us reach our target faster. Use the hashtag #StandWithIsrael and #JacobsRefugeRelief to spread the word and make a larger impact.

In times like these, solidarity, prayer and compassionate action are what will carry us through. Let’s stand together with the victims in Israel and work towards restoring peace and stability.


With heartfelt gratitude and prayers for peace, 

Jacob's Refuge

Barzilai Hospital, Ashkelon. Targeted by Hamas terrorists.

Barzilai hospital damage 1 Oct 7 2023.JPG
Barzilai hospital damage 2 Oct 7 2023.JPG
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