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Dr Phil Lye

Phil Lye has an extraordinary multi-faceted background including: CEO, Missionary, Accountant, IR/HRM Consultant, Derivatives, Money Markets & Banking, Leadership, Pastoral Ministries and Keynote Speaker. 

Phil has worked with Jewish people and leaders in various countries fighting antisemitism Jew and Gentile working together. In 1979 he spent 5 months in Israel and for some time volunteered in a respite centre in Jerusalem for Holocaust survivors of the death camps, including Dachau, Auschwitz-Birkenau, Bergen-Belsen and other camps where he heard their survival stories, the horrors, torture and more and had the opportunity for personal intimate conversations with these folk.  This had a profound affect on his life.

Phil has just returned from Israel (February 2024) where he went with a team of 14 volunteers from America, Canada, the UK and Australia to encourage, stand with the Israel and to serve and inform the people that they are not alone but there are millions of people who stand with Israel, pray for them, give, write and do what they can.

The team visited Kfir Aza, a Kibbutz, one mile from the Gaza border where over 60 people were murdered and wept with survivors of this horrendous second Holocaust.  The team then spent several days cooking food for soldiers coming out of Gaza for respite and had the opportunity to share with many. The team served where needed in various parts of Israel and people wept when they heard why we went, and everyone experienced many incredible acts of love and kindness towards us. Israelis were so grateful, and Phil found a notable shift in attitudes towards genuine Christians who love Israel. He will share some of his experiences from 1974, 2024 and practical strategies you can take, that are simple, and strategic to support Israel and combat and stand against antisemitism. Phil is honoured that Jacob’s Refuge, who he is a member of, nominated him to share his experiences to assist you. 

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